Pizza Cupcakes

Kid friendly, adult approved, these adorable mini pizza cupcakes are even easier to make than pizza.


Cooking spray
All-purpose flour, for dusting
1 (8-ounce) can refrigerated crescent rolls
1 cup shredded low-moisture mozzarella cheese, divided
1/2 cup pizza sauce
1/3 cup mini pepperoni slices, divided
1/4 teaspoon red pepper flakes (optional)
1/4 teaspoon dried oregano (optional)


  1. Arrange a rack in the middle of the oven and heat the oven to 375°F. Coat a 12-well muffin tin with cooking spray.
  2. Dust a work surface lightly with flour. Unroll 1 can crescent dough on the work surface. Pinch the perforated seams together. Cut into 8 squares. Line 8 of the muffin wells with the dough by pressing a dough square into the bottom and up the sides of each one.
  3. Sprinkle 1/2 cup of the shredded mozzarella cheese into the dough cups (about 1 tablespoon per well). Spoon 1/2 cup pizza sauce over the cheese (1 tablespoon per well). Top with half of a 1/3 cup mini pepperoni slices. Top with the remaining 1/2 cup mozzarella and mini pepperoni.
  4. Bake until the dough golden-brown and cooked through, and the cheese is melted and bubbly, 16 to 18 minutes. Sprinkle the pizza cupcakes with 1/4 teaspoon red pepper flakes and 1/4 teaspoon dried oregano if desired. Let cool 5 minutes, then remove from muffin tins and serve warm.

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