The Best Dirty Martini #Vodka

The key he found is in utilizing garlic stuffed olives. Indeed, utilize the saline solution for it, and re-stuff those olives with blue cheddar. (On the off chance that you missed my blue cheddar feta catastrophe on SnapChat a few days ago you missed gold. SC : Elle_Talk) Why is stuffing your very own olives better? Most blue cheddar olives are left in oil which is the exact opposite thing you need in your martini. For a model in the photographs on this post, I utilized the definite olives I’m letting you know not to utilize. You can see oil gliding to finish everything. Net right? Stuffing the olives yourself adds garlic flavors to the blend yet in addition a freshness you can’t get with bumped or shop counter olives. Subsequently, why this will be the best great grimy martini you will ever have. I realize I know, I make you folks work for your mixed drinks. Here is an olive stuffer to make your life less demanding. Olive Stuffer.

To make life considerably simpler for you. On the off chance that you can’t discover garlic stuffed olives. Take a container of customary olives, evacuate a large portion of the olives, and include 3 cloves of garlic. Let sit for 48 hours.

So out of appreciation for National Martini Day and Father’s Day around the bend, I’m sharing our current attempted and genuine messy martini formula. On the off chance that you like your martini additional messy as I do, I’ll leave a note in the formula box on what to change. gin martini darlings, you recognize what to do. Overlook the Vodka and make it with your most loved gin. I don’t care for gin martinis yet I need to concede in this formula they are damn great.


2 jiggers Quality Chilled Vodka
1/2 jigger Garlic Olive Brine
1/2 jigger Water
Splash Dry Vermouth
3 Garlic Stuffed Olives
Blue Cheese

In a shaker filled with ice add in your vodka, brine, water, and vermouth. Shake vigorously for 30 shakes. Strain into a chilled martini glass. Removed the garlic from the garlic stuffed olives (put back in garlic olive brine) and stuff olive with blue cheese. Garnish with three on top of your martini.

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